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I write articles that teach designers how to expand their creativity with AI!

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I focus my tutorials on the AI tools the design community uses the most.

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Read my latest tutorials for creatives on how to leverage AI.

Midjourney Parameter Visual Guide

Midjourney Parameter Visual Guide

What are Midjourney Parameters?Start your journey to becoming a prompting master, and dive deep into the world of parameters. Midjourney’s parameters are little functions that can be used at the end of your prompt to manipulate the resulting...

A Guide to Consistent Characters with –cref

A Guide to Consistent Characters with –cref

Quick Links What is Midjourney's New --cref Parameter? How to Use --cref Can You Use More Than One Link in --cref? Does --cref Work? Why Isn't --cref Working? Can You Use --cref in Photography? How to Use --cw What is Midjourney’s New --cref Parameter? The wait is...

Photographer Prompts for Midjourney

Photographer Prompts for Midjourney

Forewarning About Plagiarism Look, I deliberated for a while on whether or not to create a post of artists that work well in Midjourney. These artists have worked their whole lives to fine-tune their style; the last thing I’d want is for some bad...

Style Reference Parameter in Midjourney

Style Reference Parameter in Midjourney

Quick Links What is Midjourney's Style Reference Feature? How to Use --sref? Difference Between Style Reference & Image Prompt Can You Use Image Prompts & Style Reference Together? Use Style Reference to Make Consistent Characters Change the Weight of the...

Lighting Prompts for Midjourney

Lighting Prompts for Midjourney

Why do Lighting Keywords Work in Midjourney? Lighting keywords are great for generating photography images in Midjourney! They give the AI information on the mood you are looking for, they affect the color of the image, and tell the AI that the photo should look...

Generate Expert Photography in Midjourney

Generate Expert Photography in Midjourney

Quick Links Use Keywords with Interplay Common Aspect Ratios Reference Images & Style Tuning Set Style to Raw Don't Use "Realistic" Keywords Use the Latest Versions Follow Basic Prompting Advice Upscale your Images Use Generative Fill to...

Complete Guide to Image Prompts in Midjourney

Complete Guide to Image Prompts in Midjourney

How to Prompt with Images in Midjourney? There are two ways a person can add reference images to Midjourney: Image Prompting Use the /blend command. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on Image prompting since it has the broadest use...

How To Get Started with Midjourney AI Art

How To Get Started with Midjourney AI Art

Quick Links What is Midjourney? Is Midjourney Free? How to Get Started? How to Generate Art? Upscale Variations Vary (Region) Upscale (x2, x4) Pan Get Started With Parameters Aspect Ratio No Niji Style Best Settings for Beginners Midjourney...

Monthly Visual Deep Dive

AI Prompt Inspiration

Learn new styles and how to use them in your prompts.

Dive into the style’s keywords and how they effect the images generated in Midjourney and Firefly.

AI in Creativity Training

I like to teach designers where AI can fit in their creative process, how to more accurately prompt for the images they want, and how to choose keywords that generate beautiful images.

Looking to train your creatives on how to better utilize AI?

Reach out, I’d love to help!

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When I’m not obsessing over AI, I’m building websites with my husband at Fulton St. Digital, contributing to the Adobe Stock Library, or working on my other passions.

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