How to Turn a Wireframe into Website Code with ChatGTP

Wireframe with binary code overlaid on top
March 25, 2023

When I heard that GPT4 can convert even the simplest of wireframe sketches into fully-fledged website code (javascript & all!), I immediately jump in to try it! Can you imagine the time savings? The doors that would open for web designers??

When I wasn’t able to figure out where to upload the image of my wireframe in GPT, I started to scour the internet for how to use this feature I keep hearing so much about. Nothing.

Does this feature even exist or was it just something flying around the AI Tik Tok rumor mill?

Based on the fact that you are here and not on some super awesome tutorial, sounds like you just went through the same thing. Welcome friend!

Here’s everything I know:

So it sounds like the ability to turn wireframes into code has just not been released yet.

Stay tuned, I’ll update this post as I know more!

Project at a Glance

Tools Used


OpenAI announced that GPT4 will be able to turn a sketched wireframe into functioning web code (HTML, CSS, JS). Here's what I know about the feature so far.

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