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What is a Prompt Inspiration Style Guide?

Let’s face it, coming up with keywords can be tough for those of us that don’t have a freaking art history degree. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I create these style guides every month to help!


How Do They Work?

Every month I dive deep into 1 art movement and learn about its history, its qualification, its artists, and how all that information can be used to create better prompts in Midjourney and Firefly.


Why Do I Make These Style Guides?

Because I also don’t have an art history degree and I wished someone had made these for me when I first started out. 🙂

Midjourney & Firefly Tested Keywords

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a surrealistic painting of a man wearing a hat generated in Midjourney


December 2023

flat vector illustration of a galaxy generated in Midjourney

Vector Art

November 2023

Midjourney Generated castle on a hill watercolor


October 2023

Art deco illustration of a Woman holding an umbrella

Art Deco

September 2023