How to Generate SVGs with ChatGPT

March 31, 2023

Tory Barber

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Can ChatGPT Generate SVGs?

Let’s cut right to the chase, can GPT even generate SVGs?

Answer: yes… kind of?


GPT4 can generate very simple icons made out of basic shapes but struggles with anything not easily built with circles and squares.

ChatGPT, GPT4’s predecessor (and the most widely available version of the AI), can generate the code, but the visual results are rough.

Example 01

Compare GPT4’s simple house icon to ChatGPT’s attempt at the same thing below. Both AI’s were given the following prompt:

Write the html for an SVG house icon.



SVG House Icon

As you can see GPT4 does a pretty good job executing the prompt, but ChatGPT… struggles.

ChatGPT looks to have generated a house for Picasso! The proportions are peculiar, things are where they should be, and that’s saying nothing about the weird random black circle in the bottom left corner.

GPT created quite the standard house icon. The only peculiar thing about it was the addition of a window above the door, but I appreciate the creativity that shows. The AI even knew enough to keep all the shapes the same color as most icons are. Very impressive.

Example 02

Let’s see how the AIs hold up when we ask them to make something more complicated. Both AI’s were given the following prompt:

Write the html for an SVG shaped like a dog.




I’m honestly impressed with both of these results. Both GPTs clearly understood the request, both vectors are clear attempts at creating dogs.

You see now where the AIs fall short. 

Now that we are asking ChatGPT for more than squares and triangles, both versions struggle to produce a professional looking illustration.

How to Create SVGs with GPT4?

Just ask it too!

Like everything with GPT, simply write a prompt asking the AI to create what you want.

You might get a little pushback from ChatGPT saying that it is an AI language model, not an image generator, but as long as you ask it to generate the SVG code (not just an image) in the end it will attempt to generate what you ask for.

I found the following prompt to work well for me:

Write the html for an svg shaped like a [insert subject]

Of course, you can always use GPT to generate your prompt for GPT. Here’s a great example of how to use this technique.


In all honesty, using ChatGPT to create SVGs is a bit of a gimmick at the moment. The AI can’t generate anything all that complicated, and there are way faster methods to create simple SVG icons; you aren’t saving time using GPT.

However, that may change, and quickly.

You only need to look at the difference between ChatGPT and GPT4’s attempts at a house icon to see how far the AI model improved between the two latest versions, and GPT4 isn’t even fully released yet!

Stay tuned, I’ll update this article as this functionality develops.



Interested in more ways to use ChatGPT for graphic design? Check out my buddy’s post on the Top 5 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design.

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