How to Create a Monochromic Photo in Adobe Photoshop

January 17, 2022

Tory Barber

Monochromatic before & after

1. Open Photoshop

You will need Adobe Photoshop installed and activated for this tutorial

If you don’t have it you can purchase it here

2. Select a photo

Selecting the photo is one of the most important steps. Your art will only be as good as the base photo. The photo should:

  1. Look good in black and white
  2. It should have a clear subject easily featured in another colour

Select your photos from free resources such as Pexels and Unsplash, or buy an Adobe Stock subscription to find more specific subjects

Adobe Stock Screenshot

3. Make it Black and White

There are many ways to make a photo black and white. I find adding a black and white, or a gradient map adjustment layer makes some of the most stricking back and white photos.

Black & White adjustment layer screenshot
Gradient map adjustment layer screenshot

Adjust your adjustment layer’s settings until that has the desired effect.

Black & White settings adjustment layer screenshot

4. Create a new layer with a “color” blend mode

Create a new layer

Adjust the blending mode to be “color”

colour blend mode screenshot

5. Select you colour and brush it onto the subject

Ensure your desired colour is the top colour in your colour swatches.

Select the brush tool and brush over your subject

Brush gif

6. Export

Save and Export your file as a jpeg or png

Tory Barber Headshot Thumbnail

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