How to Create a Retro 3D Filter in Adobe Photoshop

July 4, 2022

Tory Barber

Retro 3D Image of a astronaut in space

1. Duplicate Your Image

Duplicate your image layer in Photoshop by using the shortcut command + j (ctl + j for windows) or by holding option (alt for windows) then clicking and dragging your layer above itself.

Screenshot of duplicating a layer in Photoshop

2. Turn off the Green and Blue Channels in Blending Options

Navigate to Blending Options by clicking effects > Blending Options.

Screenshot of blending mode effect

Uncheck the green and blue channels titled g and b respectively.

Blending mode channels Photoshop

3. Nudge the Top Layer

Nudge the top layer using your keyboard’s arrows or using your mouse and the selector tool (v).

Nudging photo to make retro 3d effect

Additional Tips

Add a Gradient Map

Want to add a little extra funk to your design? Try adding a fun gradient map!

Simply click fx > gradient map and then select a colour combination that works with your photo.

Photo before and after gradient map in photoshop
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