10 Best Sans-Serif Web Safe Fonts on Creative Market in 2023

May 15, 2022

Tory Barber

Sans-Serif Poster

What are Web Fonts?

We do a full deep dive into web fonts in another post if you want to learn more, but put simply, web fonts are fonts that you can use on the web.

I know, crazy right?

What is Creative Market?

Creative Market is a cool site full of fonts, templates, graphics, and basically anything else you’ll need as a web designer!

These design assets are created by other designers from around the world. So not only can you buy cool things that will help you be more effective at your craft, but you’ll be supporting other designers in the community.

1. Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri Font Examples

This unique sans-serif font is perfect to make your brand stand out! It has the elegance of a serif font with the clean-cut readability of a classic sans-serif.

Designer: TanType

Starting At: $17

2. Lumina

Lumina Font Examples

The contrast between the thick and thin parts of this font offers a unique, and distinctive look for website headlines. The clean-cut sans-serif lines allow you to maintain your site’s readability, without compromising the uniqueness of your brand.

Designer: Big Cat Creative

Starting At: $12

3. Ginger

Ginger Font Examples

Looking like it its jumping off the pages of a fashion magazine, Ginger is a gorgeous font perfect for your gorgeous brand.

Designer: Sensatype

Starting At: $19

4. Satisfy

Satisfy Font Examples

With unique ligatures, caligraphy weighting, and gorgeous terminals, you’d assume you were reading about a serif font. Satisfy takes all the individuality we love about serif fonts and seamlessly packages it into clean-cut sans-serif font.

Designer: Sensatype

Starting At: $19

5. Averta Standard

Averta Standard Font Examples

Modern, friendly, chunky; all the halmarks of that sans-serif font everyone needs. Averta Standard is essentially the little black dress of fonts.

Designer: Kosbarts Bartsokas

Starting At: $49

6. Fiona

Fiona Font Examples

“Fiona, an elegant typeface” sort of says it all for this font. The type’s clean, calligraphic lines speak a modern elegance, while the bubbly terminals add a twist of fun. It’s perfect for those brands trying to split the difference between fun and fashion.

Designer: Josh O.

Starting At: $17

7. Albra

Albra Font Examples

Albra answers the question “what if my chunky sans-serif was also edgy?” Its unique, crisp terminals adds an edgy alternative to traditionally bubbly sans-serif fonts. Perfect for fun websites, that need a little edge.

Designer: Bum Bum Type

Starting At: $39

8. Ultima

Ultima Font Examples

Ultima is the ultimate futuristic sans-serif typeface on this list. It screams modernism, sci-fi, space, and technology. Take your website to infinity and beyond with this font! ;p

Designer: Moon Bandit

Starting At: $15

9. Chloe

Chloe Font Examples

How much fun is this font? I personally can’t get over the contrast between the thick, chunky stems and the thin, delicate detail lines. To cap off the ultimate personality of this typeface, Chloe uses to most unique “swoopy” terminals that just screams fun.

Designer: Josh O.

Starting At: $14

10. Marisa

Marisa Font Examples

This distinctive sans-serif plays with the heights of its letters within each word. Adding decorative dots beneath some of its letters, or extending the ends of others, Marisa adds a logo level of uniqueness to the headings of your website.

Designer: NEWFLIX

Starting At: $35

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