10 Best Serif Web Safe Fonts on Creative Market in 2023

April 5, 2022

Tory Barber

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What are Web Fonts?

We do a full deep dive into web fonts in another post if you want to learn more, but put simply for the purpose of this post, web fonts are fonts that you can use on the web.

I know, crazy right?

1. Bechilo

Belchilo web font

This unique serif font is great for modern, yet elegant brands. Its delicate ligatures and thin weight will make sure your website stands out from the rest.

Designer: Yahya Type

Starting At: $34

2. Made Saonara

Sainara web font

High fashion with an edge, that’s the vibe this headline font would give your users. The pencil-thin serif contrasted with the thick lettering makes a bold statement.

Designer: MadeType

Starting At: $16

3. Branch

Branch web font

Branch indeed! This typeface’s variety of GORGEOUS ligatures come together to make a stunning font for your website’s headlines.

Designer: Sans & Sons

Starting At: $19

4. Mikela

Nicky Mikela web font

Although it’s a bit on the pricier side of things, this typeface is well worth the price tag. It’s unique whimsical feeling is sure to sweep your users off their feet!

Designer: NEWFLIX.Bro

Starting At: $49

5. Hello Paris

Hello Paris web font

Did someone say Ménage à… dose? Ok, ok, bad joke, but the point is that this font comes with two separate fonts. An elegant serif font, and a delicate cursive typeface.

Designer: Sans & Sons

Starting At: $25

6. Valky

Valky Wolgen web font

Gingerbread houses, lost glass slippers, and girls locked in towers with really long hair. That’s what this Germanic-influence typeface will bring to mind on your website.

Designer: NEWFLIX.Bro

Starting At: $49

7. Sophillia

Sophillia web font

Clean. Simple. Sophillia.

Designer: New Tropical Design

Starting At: $16

8. Blanch Sage

The Blanch Sage web font mockup

This fun, chunky serif font brings an air of youth, cassette tapes, and the smoke from a bonfire.

Designer: Sans & Sons

Starting At: $19

9. Sage

Sage web font mockup

The razor-thin lines on this font will help make your website cutting edge.

Designer: New Tropical Design

Starting At: $14

10. Wild Mango

Wild Mango web font mockup

This serif’s gorgeous ligatures add a super fun twist to your headings with this font.

Designer: KA Designs

Starting At: $12

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